Goodbye sweet, sweet, sleep…i will miss you.

I have been awake since freakin 6:30 am. WHY? Because i am a idiot and went to go see Paranormal Activity, THATS WHY! Dont get me wrong i love horror films, it takes QUITE a bit to really scare me. But this one did it. I spent the majority of the movie with my eyes closed, the remainder of the movie i spent having a minor heart attack. Roland made it very clear that me forcing him to go see a scary movie (which he is not a fan of horror movies at all) he was not going to be holding my hand. I spent the movie squeezing his pant leg or his shoe. I missed the whole damn ending because i had my eyes closed (which i am totally okay with).


So here i am…..running on about 4 hours of sleep, the night before about the same amount.  Feeling like a zombie walking around the house with every f*king light on DURING the day.  I DO feel a little bit silly at the fact that i am so freaked out, i think the last time i have been this freaked out by a movie was when i saw The Ring. !!!!SPOILERS!!! BELOW!!!!!

First and foremost, when night falls and they are getting ready for bed at first, its like, okay i know somethings going to happen when they are asleep. Thats what the movies about right? So it happens or whatever and your left thinking, “wow, thats it? That wasnt so bad.” The first 15 minutes is like that, kind of like well this isnt nearly as bad as everyone said. THEN the shit really hits the fan, our happy couple are sleeping soundly, camera on a tripod pointed at a bed, open door, u can clearly see down a long hallway and thats about it. The void that is the stairs is just a black abyss of nothing and u can only imagine what is sitting down there. All of a sudden there is a break in the silence by what sounds like something scream and a loud BANG! It just progresses from there, as soon as they start getting ready for bed, and the camera is set, the time stamp at the bottom left speeds up and then slows down….you feel the dread that something is going to go down, night by night it gets worse and worse. !!SPOILER!! The night she gets dragged down the hall will forever remain burned into my brain. It just looked so real…the way she kind if comes too after she hits the floor, it really was like she was asleep when she hit the ground. At first i thought it was going to drag her under the bed, but it was far scarier then that when it tried to drag her up into the attic where they found a childhood picture of her burned at the edges. As far as the ending like i said i closed my eyes, last part i saw was her hovering over her boyfriends dead body, (which she just chucked at the camera) in that unnatural position and her look up at the camera. I closed my eyes and heard the audience scream and it was over. With the little note that basically said  they found the boyfriends body a few days later and they still didnt know where the hell the girl was.

I might see it again…..not in the near future though, at least until i get a good nights sleep.  Go check it out, it is a really good flick.


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