Sometimes i think back, to all the friends i have had over the years. Which if i really think about it wasn’t THAT  many. As a child i was one of those kids that didn’t know how to have more then one friend and the same time. I think it came from my issue with sharing. I’m still the same way somewhat. I really do feel that sometimes when it comes to certain aspects of life 3 really is a crowd.

I was never one to be popular in school no matter how much i wanted to, and now that i look back i realize that maybe the reason that i wasn’t so popular was because i wanted it SO BAD. Thinking back on it now i cringe to think about some of the ways i acted to be accepted and such. There was a instance when i drank a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 and barfed all over myself, only to have the “friends” that i had drop me off right in front of the office at school. Yea…that rocked.

I often come across people in life that i sit there and listen to them talk, orboring_tv read things they write and i often think to myself, “man, their life seems SO MUCH more interesting then mine.”  Like these people ooze interesting-ness and creativity to the point that in MY mind i think of them as going home and just having LOADS of shit to do. Maybe this is a common human misconception? Maybe people meet me and think the same thing? Well i can assure you, my life isnt interesting, its quite boring at times.


On a less somber note i will say that Halloween is coming up and i really can not freaking wait. As well as xmas which i enjoy more for the cold weather then for the actual act of giving and receiving. Living in a hot climate will do that to you. AND another positive thing to report, i was in fact able to sleep with NO problems while my significant other was not present in the household. BOUT mother fucking time. AND i almost got bitten by Katrina our 4 foot ling Ball python…. BUT that is another story….Crystal1


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