Me VS T-Mobile…Round 1…


This Saturday i will have to go into battle with the ever so lovely T-Mobile over the infamous Sidekick Fiasco that is going on as of late.  It really isn’t something that i am looking forward to, as i have always been a huge fan of T-Mobile and the phones.

But as you can imagine, I like many others are very upset for the loss of data that we had recently. And will will be taking my case to the T-Mobile store on Saturday to see what can be done about this situation. I don’t plan on going in there and being one of those “nasty” customers, i am a firm believer that you can “catch more flies with sugar, then vinegar” . But i can say that i think my sidekick days are over. 😦 Goodbye Mario…..and ur little “its’a meeeee Mario” sound when i open you up, trusty old sidekick. The sidekick i stepped all over when i was busting a groove on the dance floor when you fell out of my pocket. I will miss you, especially when i am texting from my new blackberry compliments of T-mobile for their complete and TOTAL fuck up…..


I will keep you posted on the outcome of this one.


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