Me Vs T-mobile ….over.

It was a clean fight, no low blows, they were actually VERY pleasant. They didnt give me any kind of hassles, or make stupid, lame excuses. They thanked me REPEADEDLY for staying with their company. And gave me 2 sweet new phones <———–Not only that but they addded a additional $129.00 dollars off my bill. So i am pretty damn happy.  Its a Android, and i heart it so much. It did take a  little bit to get used to the NON-keyboard and not fat finger every txt that i sent out. But it took me maybe 10 minutes if that to get over it. I spend the majority of the day yesterday downloading completely WORTHLESS app’s from the thousands they have. I think i like my guitar app the best 😀


One thought on “Me Vs T-mobile ….over.

  1. it took me alot longer to learn my phone remember, i could not even make outbound calls i told you if you did not hear from me for a couple of days to call me till i figured it out, lol

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