Dear, Patty’s Taco House.

         Everyday on my way to wherever i go, i drive by you. I often wonder why, since you are so close, do i never stop by and maybe have a taco. You know since according to your sign you have a house full. The smell from your “house” is great i will admit, so today i felt compelled to at least stop by and say hi :D. I often asked my boyfriend why we never stopped by before. He never really had anything nice to say about your “house”.  Now, i just have a question. Why if you are always so busy with the five MILLION cops that come to your “house” don’t you invest in some additional parking spots? And aren’t these cops supposed to be working or something? Doing cop things? Secondly, which way does your driveway go because i think i drove in the wrong way. Another thing that i would like to address is the Horchata issue or lack there of. How can you actively maintain a Mexican restaurant without serving the refreshing, cheap to make, all natural Agua Fresca?horchata2 How? I was astonished and quite taken aback when i ordered my large horchata to only be told that “we don’t have that here” . Out of reflex, i looked at a nearby menu just to confirm that i was in fact in a Mexican restaurant and didn’t walk into some place i didn’t intend to go.

Settling for the tea, that i didn’t 100% want. i proceeded to order my Picadillo and carne guisada breakfast taco. Receiving my expensive taco order, and my tea i head the block home to enjoy the new experience if tacos from your “house”. I have another question for you “patty”. Why did u only put one cube of potato in my picadillo taco? Did you forget to go buy some last night? Or did you give them all to the cops? The carne guisada taco was ok. Might want to add a little flavor next time. Well, that’s about it. I thought I’d just drop you a line with some of the questions i had etc. I wont be coming by your “house” anymore patty. I should learn to start listening to my boyfriend.


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