Left ear…broken not working.

ear    Having this very uncomfortable inner ear issue for about a week now. Its stuffed up and it really fucking sucks. I DO clean my ears on a regular basis, and i think that is what caused the problem.  Months of sticking Q-tips in my ears has finally pushed all that extra shit so far up that that now i permanently feel like someone’s massive finger is resting in my inner ear canal. There has been a positive from this experience i will admit.  My sleeping pattern has gotten so much better (because i cant hear shit when i sleep on my good ear), and now i can fully function off of about 5 to 6 hours of rest. Where as before if i didn’t have at lease 9 i was dragging massive ass. (namely MY massive ass) I’m such a light sleeper, always have been. To finally be able to sleep through the night without waking up is quite a awesome thing. I just really hope there isn’t a fire or anything, because i will NOT be able to hear it. So the combination of My temporary deafness and Roland’s lack of being able to smell, we are goners for sure. lol. (not that its a laughing matter or anything.)  Speaking of fire….My grandmother used to do this thing called coning, or candling. EAR-CANDLE-BURN-350Whatever you might want to call it. When u roll up a piece of paper into a cone stick the little end in your ear and light the other end on fire.  There are a few reasons i am skeptical about this process, and they are the reasons why i still cant freaking hear. ONE, is that i don’t have the luxury of someone with experience to do the procedure. I have….Roland. Who i can confidently say that he has NEVER done this, and i can just visualize how smoothly that will go. I might end up not only being deaf, but smelling like burnt hair for the next few weeks. OR end up having no hair at all. 0.o  Another is that i don’t even know if it freaking works. Or what its supposed to even do. If it keeps up i might have to go to the doctor. I’m just afraid that he is going to tell me something stupid like, “Well crystal, you do have something in there…..but its NOT ear wax!” I’m very kind of squeamish and sensitive about my ears so the smelling salts better be ready and armed if that is the answer he prepares to give me because i WILL pass the fuck out. earwig1They are real, they crawl in your ear and eat their way to your brain. I’m not entirely sure of that fact honestly, but I’m sure i saw it on animal planet!


2 thoughts on “Left ear…broken not working.

  1. daughter! i saw this show about earwigs and this guy tried his damnest to get one of those suckers in his ear and it would not go in he even tried baiting it with sugar to ear and go up close to it so i don’t think i would be an earwig, i don’t know why they are called that. however that movie about those 2 girls in a prison in tyiland where a roach crawled in ther i know it is not any better but you have always had problems with wax in your ear

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