Lambo Doors, Southside & My City…


(Yes…that is my boob in the mirror)


Just to make you aware Lambo doors are still very much alive on the south side of

San Antonio. And its not only the rich, luxurious sports car types that get them in MY neck of the woods. lambo1 I have seen 1999 Toyota Corollas with Lambo Doors like these you see here. And mind you, these doors do not have any sort of Hydraulic lifts on any sort, so seeing these tatted up guys, with

“bling” struggle to get these doors up is a sight in itself. Something i really do enjoy seeing because it really is funny as fuck!

Lambo doors ARE cool though. On a Lamborghini!!! Jesus Lord!!


:Slaps Forehead:


(This is a real picture, my boyfriend and i went to grab a drink from a Exxon and this mofo pulled up, everyone got out and went inside. And they just left it like this. My boyfriend wondered how many of them would cry if he had just jumped in and took off. He secretly likes Lambo doors i think.)


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