(our Office Decor…..)

           Tomorrow will officially be the worst, most embarrassing day of my life. The thought of dressing up at work and participating in the Halloween contest/team event (I’m supposed to stab a monkey)….long story, just mortifies me to no end. I have TRIED many different ways to bow out of my money puncturing, but with no success. *sigh* I wonder if she is emotionally attached to that stuffed monkey? Like if I just happened to just cut the head off that monkey in silent revenge, would she be mad? For some reason when I think about tomorrow, I envision the worst possible face plant while heading to my post. Forever being coined the girl who fell flat on her face with the monkey. Or losing it completely busting out in hysterical laughter only to shoot boogers out of my nose. 0.o I’m embarrassed already……


decor2 (My boss, and the front end of the decor, and that is my chair where i will be sitting spanking, i mean stabbing the monkey.)


Last year we won. We had some of the teammates dance to Thriller dressed as zombies. Which was really fuckin good i wont even lie. But that’s where a lot of the reluctantcy is coming from because the WHOLE building was down there watching. And i don’t doubt that this year they will ALL be down there watching again and there i will be, like a IDIOT,  STABBING A STUPID FUCKING MONKEY!!!!!! Oh my Jesus.  It gets worse and worse by the minute. That’s it I’m calling in…..


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