fyi blue heelers are psychos….

      Meet Daphne. She is our beautiful, pain in the ass 9 month old Blue Heeler.  My boyfriend always wanted a Blue Heeler ever since he was a kid, and made it a mission to find one. But much to his dismay and research he discovered that Blue Heelers are reputedly a very expensive breed. Bummed out that he wasn’t going to find a blue heeler he slowly forgot about it until ONE DAY while out in the country doing a satellite cable job he came across this farm that just so happened  to have a littler of little Blue and Red heeler pups they were selling for ONLY $45.00 Dollars. Not prepared or expecting a new addition to be brought in he calls me and lets me know he found his pup and we were going to be picking him up that day!!! I was excited only because i hadn’t owned a dog since my Dakota died a few years earlier. 


    He had already set the name for the pup, something i normally DONT do only because I’m a weirdo and think that a animal will more “tell you their name” by personality traits etc. Which was going to be “Sylar” after the main villain in NBC’s “Heroes” (huge fans) and he (the dog) was going to be the most awesomest bad assness of a dog that has ever walked on four legs!! Of course i didnt argue, Sylar is a cute name and for a dog, i thought it worked!!


    Driving up to the little farm i noticed the little balls of fur climbing all over each other in the home made kennel and i was already in love. They were so fat and furry and i was so happy we were getting one. My boyfriend picked out “Sylar” from the bunch, paid the man and we were OFF! Holding little “Sylar” in my arms i squeezed him tight and held him up so i could scope him out…

“Um……Roland..” I said “Roland, this dog is a girl….”

Startled and very surprised Roland stops and takes a look at the underside of his “Sylar”.

“But, what is that? Isn’t that his thing” he says…

At this point my amusement was clearly written all over my face as the confusion spread over Roland’s as he slowly came to the realization that his Sylar, the bad ass boy dog of all bad assness was in fact……a girl.  With a long look at the dog as quick as the confusion came , it went. I could tell he didn’t care that dog, whatever it was had his heart and we drove off.  She so from that moment she became Daphne (Named also after a Character of Heroes, the speedster, whom which Roland has the hotts for majorly. )


    From the time she was little that dog was smart as shit… 6 weeks she could do sit and shake….i had never had a dog that did tricks so this was so freaking cool especially since she was SO LITTLE!





AUTHORS NOTE: I do have to say a few things, after reviewing this post and noticing the astonishing amount of videos we have of the dog and pictures of cats in clothes and shit i will have to come to my own defense….i DO NOT normally dress my cat in a shirt and carry him in a fucking purse around town, stopping for Starbucks and or eating at cafe’s while he chills in my purse wearing a fucking shirt.   It was a one time deal and i did it purely for amusement. the look on his face is priceless.


2 thoughts on “fyi blue heelers are psychos….

  1. Hi! I enjoyed your pics and videos. I especially enjoyed the pic in the slideshow where your dog’s head was resting on your cat. They’re both beautiful… and your boyfriend is kinda hot lol. I have to say though, your Daphne is definitely not a pure ACD. Venturing a guess, I’d say she’s probably mixed with a husky. I had a heeler/ lab mix and I just loved her to death. She was super smart like your Daphne, but not as high maintainance. She didn’t mind being a couch potato! Anyway, just thought I’d comment on your wonderful pics.

    • Yea, when she was growing up we kept waiting and waiting for her ears to stick up and they never did. 😦 She’s a good dog tho. i love her. And my trippers is just a loveable jelly roll. In regards to the bf, u want him u can have him jk. Thanks for reading 😀

      I appreciate it. ❤

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