almost makes me want to go vegetarian. almost…..


Its a gorgeous day outside in San Antonio, the sun is out and its NOT hot. The Birds are chirpy, the sky is clear. The nice cool breeze blows in from the west bathing us in the nice cool scent of fucking slaughter house. …..I never really knew that slaughter house was there until about a year ago. I had a discussion with a friend who lives down the street from me on the way home driving by it. I expressed the fact that i was pleased that we couldn’t smell that wretched stench from our houses considering it really isn’t that far away at all. I always thought it was disgusting the sights and smells driving by that place, the HUGE billboard of a juicy hamburger dripping with grease, cheese and veggies encouraging you to “go one have one”. strategically placed right across from it. (they may want to rethink their marketing strategy if u want my opinion.) RIGHT as the smell of dead cow flesh sizzles your nose hairs off.  Today is the day that the wind is just right, and blowing in the perfect direction to bring that smell over here.


I probably should have kept my mouth shut. 




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