Not looking forward to the holidays? Don't worry i got your back!


With the season coming i understand that some of you might be less then thrilled with the gathering of psychotic family members around kegs, bottles, of liquor etc. The thought of the potential family beef rearing its ugly head on what is supposed to be the most holiest of days just makes some of us want to stay home and sit around in our underwear watching the fucking Christmas Story marathon on TNT.

Why not get yourself one of these little doo hickeys, which i must say are the coolest things i have seen in quite some time. With a belt that holds a 6pk, at least you know if anyone pisses you off you can either A. crack open a cold one and sit back. OR B. Have a full arsenal of weaponry that you can break over someone’s head. (Not that you should be breaking beer bottles over family members heads or anything, that’s just wrong.)

The second, is a nice little subtle touch to your every day Christmas decor for the occasional swig of happy juice when grandma just HAS TO HAVE IT HER WAY…Just casually walk by the tree and *poof* Instant happiness. Now i figure , depending on how many of the Christmas ball flasks you have hanging from your tree, and how many casual strolls you take to “admire” the tree lights, there is a chance you could take down that mother fucker when your drunk ass trips over, whatever the hell that huge $200.00 present that belongs to your little cousin. Who I’m sure is LESS then deserving, and probably will fucking break it by New Years anyway. So please….be mindful of the tree when drinking from the Christmas Ball flasks.  😀


Christmas Ball Flask

Beer Bottle Belt


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