Shampoo in your hair all day doesn't feel good. FYI.











Dear you Mother Fucking work on the pipes guy!!!!
What in the SAM HELL do you think you are DOING??!! Did it ever cross your mind that maybe the reason i didn’t answer the door when you came over to tell me you were going to shut off my water was because i was IN THE FUCKING SHOWER!!!!! When you walked by my back bathroom window on the way to the water shutter offer thing with your god damn wrench ,wearing that stupid fucking hat, did you not notice the fucking STEAM on the window or hear water running??!!  I KNOW you fucking heard me banging on the walls to turn the water on!!! I KNOW you did because i could hear you fiddling with the pipes, and knobs and shit ,singing Spanish songs!! Do you know how bad it hurts to get soap in your eyes? HUH??!! You MOFO! It hurts! A LOT! You better thank your lucky damn stars that i didn’t walk over there and punch your lights out because i was on my way. You piece of shit work on the pipes guy!!! Don’t do it again!!! Or i will follow you home and wait for your ass to take a shower and Turn off ALL YOUR SHIT!!!! Don’t believe me??  My boyfriend is a plumber!!

…….You Bastard.

the girl who went to work with fucking shampoo in her hair!!!


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