Bigfoot Roams the west side of San Antonio.



Reports have been made by some people on the west side of San Antonio that there is a big hairy Sasquatch roaming around the “woods” in that general area. ……lol……Now I’m not one to disbelieve ANYONE right off the bat, or think that they (whoever may have seen him, her, it, whatever is just bat shit crazy or anything. BUTTTT Lets admit it, San Antonio on a day to day basis, sure isn’t lacking in the big hairy monster types. ESPECIALLY on the west side. SO, assuming that you are not too familiar with Texas and or the terrain of San Antonio here is a nice little map. 🙂


As you can see NOT many green area’s or forest types of areas for a big hairy mofo to hang out all day doing whatever the hell bigfeets do. (the gold star represents where he is supposedly seen. 


NOTE: I think it is SO FUCKING FUNNY that bigfoot is hanging out on the west side.


One thought on “Bigfoot Roams the west side of San Antonio.

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