Just the word “Monday”……just kills a tiny bit of my soul…


I will be the first to say that it really is WAY to early for this shit. For whatever reason that is really beyond me i decided to go to sleep at 10:30pm last night and wake up at 7:00am today! Confined to my bedroom i am refusing to leave because my mini heater is the bees knees and its keeping my body toasty, where as the rest of my house feels like a morgue.


My weekend as it usually is was pretty uneventful. For some unexplained reason as i got older i became recluse and decided that I’d much rather stay home and watch movies while eating take out. The idea of that thrills me to no end. I spent the majority of my youth going out and drinking myself into darkness, partying the night away only to be left with a confusing recollection in the morning of the previous nights events. Not so much fun.

In other events TWO of the 7 Xmas gifts i have ordered for my sister have arrived. I had to go and fight with the local post office because our postman decided it would be nice to move us out of the house without letting US know. So all of my mail was not being received because apparently we had moved. (according to the post man) AND to make matters more irritating was the fact that some how some way, they (the post men) after me living at my address for 2 years didn’t recall ever delivering mail to my name. ???? I get all my bank statements sent there as well as a couple of Magazines. How is that possible again….??? Douches. So…..as far as Xmas is concerned this is what i ordered for my sister….


Kon coin purse from Bleach. 



Bleach stocking


Vampire Knight Mouse pad


Twilight Hoodie (that i think might be too small for her)  

41ggq-qUMGL._SS500_Twilight Lip Venom (i really want some of this stuff myself.) 


Orihime Hair pins from Bleach (seller contacted me yesterday to say they didn’t have anymore) BOO.

I’ve always been a stocking type person. I prefer to give/receive stockings more then anything because its usually filled with little things that are cute, portable and most of the time took some thought and consideration for each item. Anyone can go buy someone a gigantic TV or game system and be done with it. Its a lot more fun to actually look for little things that reflect on the person and what they personally like. I hate to say this but, as for everyone else, i have absolutely NO IDEA what to get. And haven’t even started.


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