Woman says her Texas Home has Demons.


A Woman in south Texas says that her house was haunted by a demon that tormented her and her family in the short time that they stayed in the home she rented off Craigslist.  She says that when she rented the home, she did so “without even seeing it”.

(Must have been a super good deal or something?)

She say’s that after a few months that she began to see things, and her daughter started to talk to a little girl. "My little girl would see a little girl with dark hair. She said she looked sad.  Those were her words," the woman explains.

Eventually her and her children ended up in the same room, no one was able to sleep alone. The woman says she paid for a cleansing on the home, but it didn’t help. That’s when she called local ghost hunters. Those ghost hunters say a little girl who said the name Beth talked to them. The little girl said she was demonic.


(Pshhhh…i would have been DUCES OUT that night! *holds up a peace sign*)

EVENTUALLY the woman moved out, breaking her lease. Kay Kerr who manages the property for a woman in California says a lease is a lease.

"We respected her attitude, thoughts, and I had done a cleansing on homes with difficulties before," says Kerr.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted the home’s owner, Diana Johnson. She told us over the phone nothing bad has ever happened inside the house.

She suspects the woman made the whole story up to break her lease.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted McAllen Police Records Department.  We’ve asked for every single call made since the home was built 11 years ago.

Source- With Video.

(Will UPDATE as i hear more)

Authors Note: I personally have always , and more then likely will always be into the paranormal and ghosts. I don’t doubt that demons exist, and can inhabit people and homes.  I personally believe that my little humble abode is haunted by a Time Warner Cable man. (Not really by a cable man per say, but that is really another story as to why i say that.)  So the possibility that a ghost , or demon can drive someone out of a house is certainly something i can fathom. Maybe, ill jot down my ghost stories…i have some good ones. 🙂


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