“They’ll be food around the corner……”

Flea Dirt – Organic matter which flea larvae feed on. Flea dirt consists of flea-main_Full partially digested blood (flea droppings), which is left behind by the blood sucking adult flea. It can sometimes be seen in the fur of light colored pets, but usually drops off onto the ground, where the flea eggs and larvae are.

   SICK!  For the past few weeks, i noticed that Daphne and tripper seemed dirtier then usual. I noticed when i would scratch them or rub on them they would have a lot of dirt in their fur. I figured maybe it was because they have been exposed to the outside elements and the mud that Daphne likes to roll around in outside. WELLLL. Our house has been overtaken by the ever so elusive flea. FLEAS more fucking like it.

(Prime Example)

The animals sometimes jump on the bed, and for SOME REASON they like to sleep snuggled up to me. And before this situation it was okay i didn’t mind, but for Christ’s sake i am being EATEN ALIVE! I cant begin to describe the disgusting feeling of having little creatures crawl on you when you sleep *SHIVERS* Its so gross!!!

Tomorrow is the day, The day that they both will take a nice long wet one in the tub. It has to be done, I will also be making a nice little trip to the vet for the strongest fuckin flea medicine i can find. Not to mention the fact that i NOW have to bomb my room. IT REALLY SUCKS!

So Daphne is now in her crate at night, Tripper is locked out. Until this issue is resolved, then they can go back to taking up the whole fuckin bed like they used to. Making me loads of uncomfortable in other ways. I prefer that way, then the flea infestation way.




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