James Cameron’s Avatar a Must see!!!


James Cameron messed me up with Titanic. As a teenager i could count on both hands how many times i saw that movie in the theaters. And that song…..followed me around making me cry in unsuspecting and embarrassing public spurts of emotion. It had been a long time since i had seen a Cameron flick and i was very VERY excited about Avatar.


avatar_tank_lo_1466784cThe story begins as our hero Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is awakened in Cryogenics, having been asleep for 6 years in the travel to the planet Pandora. Jake is a marine who was injured in war, and lost the mobility of his legs. Jake also happens to be the identical twin brother of a scientist, Avatar training in Pandora who was killed. In a attempt to protect their investment, the offer to replace his brother in Pandora is offered to Jake. Jake accepts with the goal of making enough money to pay for spinal reconstruction.

Jakes presence is NOT welcome by the scientists running the program, seeing as it was his brother that had all the training in the running of an Avatar. But being left with no choice, Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) is forced to accept Jake into her program.

From the first moments Jake steps into the skin of his Avatar you KNOW this avatar-toes4 movie is going to be something else. The 3D animation is flawless, the human actors and animated characters interaction is so believable you really do forget that the Na’Vi don’t exist and Pandora really isn’t floating around out there in space. The creatures in the world that Cameron created are so imaginative and creative. I saw Avatar in 3D at the IMAX and my mouth was hanging open from the beginning until the end. I have seen 3D movies before, but this one was a REAL 3D movie.

Its very strange to me that the chemistry felt by the two lead characters can be felt through the animation. 4056654122_2f98c749c8 The facial features and the eyes can easily show emotion and you can really feel it. You can see the real actors in the animated characters, so it really isn’t like watching a animation at all. Zoe Saldana does such a incredible job as Neytiri, when her mother advises her she will be the one to take Jake under her wing and teach him the ways of the Na’Vi, i love her objection. Her emotion is so easily transferred to the character.


The villains in the movie are so well done, its easy to hate them and let them piss you off with what they are doing to the Na’Vi and the world of Pandora. I did cry a few times, from the drama of it all. Others just because of the pure EPICNESS of it all.

Avatar is REALLY a must see. Its so pretty to look at, and dispite what others might say i enjoyed the story a LOT. Think, Matrix meets Pocahontas. That, and i am now OFFICIALLY in Love with Sam Worthington.


Next comes Clash of the Titans.  That one is going to be awesome as well. Cant wait!


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