Secret Santa….yea lets do it sure why not…

secret_santa_sheet_of_stickers-p217686250347722368qjcl_400      Sometimes i wonder why i don’t think before i open my mouth to make suggestions at work. If its not throwing a potluck, its this god damn secret Santa i decided to volunteer to head up this year in the office. Not only have i put off shopping for my person till the last minute, i don’t even know what to get her or what she likes. I casually took a stroll by her desk yesterday to kind of look at her decor. To maybe get a feel for her. (she’s new and has been in the office for maybe.,…..2 weeks. I have talked to her twice) I DID notice that she has a tinker bell jacket, and little Disney fairies on her desk so that is what she’s getting. Figure ill get her a little stocking with some pens, word search, things to keep her occupied at work. With Disney fairies. If she doesn’t like it oh well, at least she gets a bunch of cool new pens to write with.

*sigh* OH by the way!! Merry effin xmas peoples!


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