%$$#@@$!#$#^&^!!!!!!! GOD damnit all..

97-fridge-brokenWith 2009 coming to a close. A year that seemed very uneventful and down right forgettable, it decided to throw a little “fuck you”  here at the end. Having returned yesterday from my mom’s house, our happy homecoming was ruined as we went to put our leftovers in the fridge. Actually it was more like my stomach was ruined from opening the door to smell the most horrid stench created! INSTANT vomitification. So the cooling doohicky in the fridge is broken. And now instead of cold air….its just blowing air. *sigh*

As far as everything else in my holiday so far its going great. I got some great gifts, my mom bought me the charm bracelet i have been wanting so I’m very excited about that. I told her the next time she sees me the bracelet will have so many charms i will have charms attached to charms. 19759_1325612220185_1227288828_30956816_99357_nThe kids had a great time in the country, Daphne discovered she is a herding dog and spent the day chasing pigs, and geese jumping into ponds etc. Fishing…there was lots of fishing. Roland caught a huge fish from what he says. I know that huge fish live in there, just not to sure how huge the fish was that he caught. We saw a 10 pounder. My moms boyfriend caught it. It was massive.  I love to be out there. its so quiet.

Tripper enjoyed himself as well, to the point to where he could no longer contain it. As he was outside sunning himself (something he never does because he is a inside cat at my house) He lost control of himself or something, or was just so overcome with the surroundings he attacked his sister who was a little bit away rolling around in the grass…then proceeded to attack, hiss and spit at the pit bull minding her own business a ways away. One minute he was there chilling the next he was full on attack cat. it was so strange for him to behave like that. My mom seems to think we were disturbing his quiet time and he got irritated. It was sorta funny non the less.

Good trip…now on to the new year…


To drop significant weight, and go to the gym that i have been paying for membership (lol)

To move out of this damn house into one with MORE ROOM.

To blast myself with a high powered lazer (pew pew) to get rid of unwanted random hairs.

To (pew pew) my teeth a blinding shade of white.

To be happy and not bitch at my boyfriend so much.

To progress to a higher paying position at work.

To start taking my photography seriously.

To put this blog more out there and gain more readers.

To go to more concerts, and do more things.

God there is way too many to list.

PS. Saw Avatar again and it was way more awesome the second time. I hope its even better the third. lol Cause we are going to see it again new years day in IMAX 3D.


One thought on “%$$#@@$!#$#^&^!!!!!!! GOD damnit all..

  1. OMG, i forgot to tell you something i just remembered when i saw the pic of roland and the pink bucket they had the bait in. this is too kinda funny. remember when they got done fishing and you put the piece of meat with the hook still in it in the bucket? well…..robert asked me the next day where we put the meat with the hook i told him in the bucket, i asked him why and he said cause i fed it to the pigs. lol

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