Ugh…..i ALMOST made it…

I ALMOST made it to the end of the year without getting sick. I was merely DAYS away. My friend at work had lost her voice at the beginning of the week and was slowly recovering. I, like the FREAKING genius I am, decided that I absolutely need to have a piece of gum yesterday. Gum, which my sick friend just happened to have in her pocket. Without thinking about it, I took the germ infected gum and chewed the hell out of it.

About 3 hours later…..I felt a little tickle in the back of my throat. It started out as the tickle, and slowly progressed into a little cough, and NOW is a full blown hack my lungs up dry , painful cough. It sucks.

My profession is talking. I am a professional talker. I talk allll day for 8 hours. So being with this cough, talking all day it’s pretty painful. And as I type this, I have about a hour and a half left in my shift and my voice is cracking in and out all over the place. I sound like Vin fucking Diesel.

So I am starting the new decade with a sickness. And I will more then likely not sleep very well tonight because I have the strangest feeling that I will be up all night hacking and coughing (I plan on making a trip to Walgreens on my drive home).

Tonight I am going to Nyquil it the fuck up. And whatever else I need to take to make this crap not progress into anything worse then it already is. THANKFULLY I have a three day weekend. NOT Thankful for the fact that I STILL haven’t cleaned out my dead fridge. *shivers*

I plan on barfing a few times. ———- HAPPY FLIPPIN NEW YEAR! *rolls eyes*


One thought on “Ugh…..i ALMOST made it…

  1. i hope you will start using that using that un-pronouncable medicine i told you to use. you and roland did not do a good experiment on it to see if it worked cause you only took one dose and forgot it at work, but you did get better so we need to wait and see if someone else starts getting sick

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