*sigh* NASA is going to get us alllll killed.


         As someone who is utterly obsessed with doomsday scenarios, for whatever reason, i found it quite interesting that all this talk about a rendezvous with asteroid “Apophis” by the Russians has been in the news as of late.  The Russians seem pretty convinced that this gigantic space rock is going to plow right into the planet around 2030 something. SO convinced that they have been meeting with each other to discuss possible aversion of this flying rock of doom. BUT wait…..NASA say’s “Nooooooooo Noooooooooo. “You Russians spend way too much time up there in your space station looking at…well………. space. Apophis isn’t going to hit us!! And with a few more (10 years) we can “maybe” bring the chances down from 1 in 250,000 to ZERO.

…………*insert blank stare here*…………..


Now, lets think about this. A 1 in 250,000 chance of it hitting us really isn’t that small of a chance.  Last time i checked, it really only takes ONE chance. So instead of bashing the people that want to look into this ONE chance maybeeeeeeeeeee you (NASA) should take a look into it. Because last time i checked THEY (Russia) Have the space station in orbit up there…YOU (NASA) Have troubles launching a manned shuttle into space….

Just sayin….

(Don’t tell my sister….she will freak the fuck out)


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