Sometimes H.E.B just brings people together…


        I would never have thought that this evenings random visit to our local grocery store would align the planets to a point that 2 of the members of KORN would cross paths…

Walking in, i do my usual scope of my surroundings, sales, fruit cups, mini baskets (do we need one) etc. Not long after i do that, i take notice of the lanky gentlemen in long brown trench coat, dark, long, greasy hair and black rimmed glasses, jumping into the quick kitchen line for cafeteria type dinner. To say that he poked out in his surroundings would be a understatement.

Almost at the same time i notice him Roland says..

“You know…i bet we could be friends…”

   Immediately i know who he’s talking about of course…Jonathan_Davis Now, knowing Roland, this would strike you as a odd comment considering Roland as a person is very… “himself”. He doesn’t talk to ANYBODY.  He continues to explain….

“He looks like Jonathan Davis…i bet we would have interesting conversations.”

I wont even lie, the dude DID look like Jonathan Davis. (For those of you who may not know who Jonathan Davis is, he is the Lead singer from the band KoRn.)  Somewhat taken aback i just kind of look at Roland and start cracking the hell up. What in the hell would possess him to say such a random statement is beyond me considering he (Roland) is the way he is. So the wonderful girlfriend i am, i had to poke fun at him. 

Finishing our stroll through H.E.B (which is always very eventful) Hauling our huge bag of dog food and strawberry milk that i absolutely “NEEDED” (i didn’t even drink it) We see Roland’s New best friend sitting in the cafe area eating the food he was purchasing when we walked in initially.

“Hey look, its your new best friend” i say. Just as i finished that statement the guy looks up and him and Roland i swear to GOD they had like a moment, Or something,….eyes locked and everything!

Walking out i just start cracking up,  “Did you see your Best friend eating?”  i said.

“Yea, did you see, he saw me too! He must have been thinking to himself, “Hey that guy looks JUST like Monkey from KoRn.” Monkey from KoRn


  THANK GOD i was NOT holding that bag of dog food because the contents of that bag would have been rolling down the street.   Just everything that had happened up to that moment, and the exchange of looks that Roland and that guy had i seriously wouldn’t have fuckin DOUBTED he thought that very thing! I will tell you this…Roland may not say much…but when he does…..its always some shit that just leaves a person kind of like……………!!  It really was though so funny!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes H.E.B just brings people together…

  1. you guys are cray see i can imagine the two of you at h.e.b never a dull moment with the 2 of you, wish i could have been there thats why i like spending time with you, you make me laugh alot.

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