An oldie but goodie.."I don't want any popcorn."

July 27, 2009 – Monday 

"I don’t want any popcorn."
Current mood: blind…Where’s my glasses?
Category: Blogging


        Roland and i went to the IMAX yesterday to experience transformers. I say experience because for 30.00 for 2 people it better fucking be! (it was pretty awesome though I’m not even going to lie) We had breakfast earlier that day and hadn’t eaten since. So i wanted to maybe get some snacks from the concession stand….Here is the greatest rant that i have ever heard come out of Roland’s mouth…i laughed my ass off…..

Me: Okay so we aren’t getting the meal then we are just going to get the med popcorn and a large drink since they have free refills right?

Roland: yea..

Me: and a pickle?

Roland: What do you need a pickle for?

Me: well you know that i wont finish it and then you can has the rest

Roland: i don’t want a pickle

man you are so cheap….

THATS why i don’t ever let you see my money….

Roland: because then you start getting all crazy, like "i want a hot dog too, oh, its $7 dollars? Its okay i still want it anyway"


“i don’t want any popcorn.”

(end note: For someone who didn’t want any popcorn he sure did eat almost the whole damn bag!)


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