Its 32 flippin degrees outside MAN, put some shorts on!!

In the beginning………there was shorts.


    Our courtship was short, Roland and I’s. We got to know each other very fast, and moved in with one another even faster. Honestly the duration of our relationship before we officially moved in together was about…….2 weeks. OKAY….i take that back, 3 weeks. 

     Slowly, and eventually Roland’s comfort level began to grow. As that comfort level grew…his clothes wearing dwindled away…to what it is today. At first, he ALWAYS no matter what, wore socks. hobbit_feetConfused and a little concerned that maybe the man was hiding a foot with 12 toes on it, or WORSE a foot with 1 toe on it i asked him to show me his feet.  His insecurities with his toes i found endearing and somewhat cute. Hobbit feet is what comes to mind.  And as the time went on, and he realized that  those ever so unusually long toe hairs was no cause for my alarm. The socks….(unless he was wearing shoes) were never worn again.

Months later, i realized……i can’t really ever say that i had seen him. You know SEEN him. In the nekked-ness.  Now i KNOW what you are saying. “What do you mean you never saw him naked??!! Didn’t you have sex??!”  And to answer that question YES, for your information….we did. But in all honesty as strange as it sounds, I never saw him without shorts on in the light.

Being Roland’s first real relationship, i understood his habits of having to be covered up in your house. I assume going from living with parents,forgetting_sarah_marshall to having your own place takes a little bit to get used to. When Roland realized that he didn’t have to wear anything if he didn’t want to, he sure did RUN with that thought. 

We come to now….its the middle of the winter. The house that we live in is rather old. There is no central air, or heating to keep you warm, so to accomplish that you have to lock yourself away in a room with a mini heater (which I’m doing now) Or huddle under a blanket.  Despite all of these things Roland is still clothes-less….It really doesn’t matter the circumstance of it.  There are times when we come home from running errands, i sit myself on the couch and he walks into the bedroom for Literally ONE second…and comes out fully nekked. And here i am on the couch left thinking…

“ HOW the HELL does he take his clothes off that fucking fast??!!”

Roland if you are reading this…Put some

shorts on before you get sick again!!!!

Photos- forgetting Sara Marshall


One thought on “Its 32 flippin degrees outside MAN, put some shorts on!!

  1. again daughter you are cray-see i love the way you see things, you have a special way of seeing things, i am tellin you, you could be a comedy writer.

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