“Of course is dont remember that…I was HIGH!”

While waiting for my prescription to be filled and Finally deciding that i should get SOMETHING in my stomach, i figured some soup from Bill Millers would suit me good. Considering its not too heavy, Kinda greasy though, but that’s ok.  Standing in line, i figured, its been a couple of days might as well get a baked potato also.


I got about halfway through and my stomach pain started to creep up on me again. My first and only thought was “OH PLEASE NOOOOOO!”

Me: “Roland, my stomach is really starting to hurt again…”

Roland: “Well, maybe you should have listened when the nurse told you a liquid only diet for 24 hours, and its only been 12.”

Me: “Well what the fuck, why didn’t you remind me of that when we came here you jerk!! How the hell was i supposed to remember that!”

Roland: “You don’t remember her telling you that?”

Me: “NO i was fucking high!!!”

Roland: “Look, its George Costanza dad..” georgedad

Me: “you’re a dork.”

Of course when we decided to take pictures of the celebrity dining at the table next to us, our phones made a loud CLICK as it took the pictures. Not from mine only but from both of ours. Maybe we should learn to turn down the media sound effects when trying to take pictures of strangers on the sly. Less obvious.

roland(hummm how do you turn off the clicky noise..)


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