Yea..Ruined for life….THANKS!! wtf!??!!

    I’m kind of a creepy person. Well not creepy like, i sit alone wearing all black in a corner eating raw meat from a can or anything. ALTHOUGHHHHHH now that i think about it….i DO wear a lot of black…..and i have been known to eat a rare steak now and again….. *thinks* But that is beside the point….

    Not only am i a creepy type person, I’m also a fuckin chicken…. Yea go figure on that one.  “Paranormal Activity” kept me up for fucking DAYS! And that is NOT a exaggeration by any means.

So a year ago, i came across a director (Drew Daywalt) of short films. And by short, i mean about 2 minute short films.  They were called “Nightmares” And this is why….

Done….and done….

That is some of the scariest shit  i have ever seen!

He has a NEW web series coming out called “Camera Obscura”  And if your a fan of the game Fatal Frame you know exactly what the Camera Obscura is…Very excited for this….

More short “Nightmare” movies can be found @

You can also follow Drew Daywalt @Twitter — He’s a pretty awesome dude..Very nice.


4 thoughts on “Yea..Ruined for life….THANKS!! wtf!??!!

  1. well i tried to get your sister to watch them but she won’t she is a chicken. i told her they were just creepy she said she wont watch them cause she sleeps alone. maybe she will watch them during the day. NOT

  2. It’s prolly best that she doesnt watch those videos because she will really be up all night, and she might crash from looking in her rear view mirror on her way home from work because those streets where ya’ll live are freakin dark.

  3. thanks for warning me about 1) anything by this Drew person and 2) Paranormal Activity… I already *thought* I would not want to see it but was thinking MAYBE when it comes to dvd…

    But nope! Not even with the lights on in the middle of the day with my husband sitting next to me to keep the bad guys at bay…
    Again, Thanks!

    • @dawn Yea, That guy makes some real scary shit. And i STILL havent seen the ending of Paranormal Activity. And i bought it on Blu-Ray!! lol. I cant KEEP my eyes open at the end. i dont want to see what her face looks like. lol

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