I woke up this morning….well afternoon rather, to a PRESENT!!

I received a AWARD!!!!

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you THANK you Sam of Happiness Tourniquet!!  I cant even tell you how much this really means to me, its my very FIRST blog award. ::HUGS::

You, my darling, ROCK!

UPDATE: Sorry it came so late, i had a pretty hectic weekend with all the parties and World of Warcraft Boozin. 🙂

So with this award, i have to name 7 things people don’t know about me….hummmm…..

7.  I HATE Shopping…..i think it fucking sucks. Although i do like to go to places like Best Buy n shit to shop….I just cant clothes shop. Its lame…

6. I don’t type properly. I used the three middle fingers on my left hand and only my index and middle finger on my right hand. i SOMETIMES use my right thumb but hardly ever.

5. I USED to be a really good artist when i was younger, but now i couldn’t draw to save my fucking LIFE.

4. I LOVE 80’s hair metal POWER BALLADS. 🙂

3. When i was younger i would listen to music and play air drums or the keyboard.

2. The first time i cried over a boy i was like in the fourth grade his name was John Goodwin and he had green eyes and i remember i was so fucking in LOVE with him. I googled him within the last few years and he’s a FIREFIGHTER in NV. And YUP he’s still fucking hot. He’s married.

1. The first time i skipped school i was in the 3rd grade.  Me and my little friend hid in the bushes by the pool lol. And ran around the fields pushing each other down the hills in a shopping cart. Then we got thirsty and decided to go back on campus like geniuses. Totally got busted.

Seven people i with to bequeath this to are….

Ashley – Because she is fuckin NUTS! lol And she cracks me up!

Jenny – Because she is so FUNNY! And she gave me some of the BEST ADVICE ever!

Gubraithian Fire – Just started reading her blog and i enjoyed her view on Roaches….i have had my own issues with then especially one by the name of Esteban. Damn him fuckin Esteban. 


Shit i am LAME!!! lol…..i totally need to start reading more blogs lol….i will update this as i get more folks to add to this section… *embarrassed*


5 thoughts on “I woke up this morning….well afternoon rather, to a PRESENT!!

  1. So I forgot to write the rules and I didn’t realize I was your first award-er! Congrats! Now you have to write 7 things people didn’t know about you then nominate 7 people you think should get this. My bad for being such a lackey in the info department. :/

  2. I’m TOTALLY fucking honored lady!! It’s my VERy first blogger award too!

    And hell I figured if I ever got one, it would be like, ‘Craziest Bitch’ or ‘Trashiest Mouth’ Most Beautiful huh??? Shyyyyea! I’m awesome, as are you chick!!! So now I bestow this award to others correct??? I HAVE the perfect people in mind!

    They’re going to be like What the fuck bitch????

    Thanks lady!

  3. My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

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