Sorry for the lack in updates….

I have recently lost myself to fucking World of Warcraft like the TOTAL nerd i am….. I need to stop seriously…

BUT if your on and want to play im on Illidan – Kiyahlina

With THAT said…..

So the other day i was lying in bed, thinking (which is probably why i cant ever get to sleep at night) And i was like hummm…what ever happened to such and such and so and so? And i was like thinking about the Never ending Story for some reason, and i was like i wonder what happened to that Atreyu kid. I swear i think of the most random shit before bed.


   So im googling him and low and behold i find some updated pics…

So as i’m Googling this dude, I’m browsing through these pictures and I’m thinking to myself….damn that’s a lot of bare mid drift..FOR A GUY yanno…for a KID even….and as I’m scrolling down there is more and more short shorts…and the positions became questionable. I was SHOCKED!  I was like what the…..what……WHAT THE FUCK?! What kind of fucking photographer is this??!! Are you serious?  I mean i understand it was the 80’s and all but fucking hell, didn’t his parents see these prints and think um okay yea wtf?!So yea apparently now he does MMA fighting and is hot.

     Also while googling him i decided what the hell, ill google myself just to see what pops up yanno…

not me1


Yea no clue who that chick is….that IS in fact me on the left hand side of her though. Just in case you might be wondering…


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