So, as many of you may or may NOT know…

After a couple years at a job that seemed to get worse by the year, i finally decided to leave that wretched place. WHICH i must say was the BEST decision that i have ever made! I am a trillion times happier then i have been in that last 2 years. NOW i can focus on school and all that other shit that i plan on doing to start my career yay!

So with that said i will have to get into the woman that i met today that was just so full of snot and complaints it killed me!!!


Every time anything happened she would mutter under her breath with her stuffed up Moco (booger) filled nose ..

“ugh you have to be kidding me” ..

“ugh this is absolutely unacceptable” …

i seriously wanted to turn around and tell her base_media“HEY you know what is unacceptable lady, the fact that you can’t invest in some good ass tissues to blow that fucking nose of yours god damnit!!! Get a booger ball for Christ sakes!!!


And she was sitting behind me and she was saying these things like she was “Trying” to talk to me, but i , naturally, would rather be on my phone twitting or checking my bank statement, or ANYTHING else then talking to this bitch!

So……….as I’m sitting there trying to pay attention as much as possible…I’m looking at the composition book i grabbed from the house. I don’t normally have composition books for my journals and stuff so i assumed right off it was Roland’s….but i knew he didn’t use it for anything personal so i grabbed it.. So i turn it over….and i see this…..


  Oh JESUS……………

i made sure to leave the front side of it covered so everyone wouldn’t think that i was from the “school of hard knocks” lol

So…as the day went on, it was PERFECT. Everything was falling into place and the sky was bluer then EVER….as i pull into my driveway and get out of the car……

doorhandle1doorhandle2And i think to myself………”What a Wonderful World…..” 


PS. “Fat Tire” Beer tastes like Chocolate!  NOM nom nom….


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