Just a idea… :)

“Alright mom, okay mom…….i know….mom.” She explains into the earpiece if the phone only halfway listening, staring at her face in the bathroom mirror, examining under eye circles, blemishes flaws only SHE could see.

The news play’s in the background on a semi low volume, which appears to be on the weather channel explaining the severe storm that was going to roll through the city at any moment.

“what are your plans for the evening?” Her mother asks aware that she had lost her daughters attention with the over mothering she had just done.

“Not much.” She exclaims. “Take a hot shower and wash all this grime off of me from working out. Then maybe a drink with the girls.”

“But honey, there is a thunderstorm moving in, you cant take a shower during a lightning storm. EVERYONE knows that!”

Rolling her eyes, “mom, that is a old wives tale, i will not be STRUCK by lightning while i am in the shower. NOTHING will happen if i take a shower in a lightning storm watch!! I’ll call you back after I’m done!”

“No honey, that’s not what i….”

Without letting her finish the girl disconnects the line.  Her mother always had a habit of annoying her by babying her. She laughs to herself at the thought of people still believing they’d get struck by lighting if they took a shower in a storm.

Adjusting the water, making sure it was JUST right, she turns on her radio sitting across the room on her vanity. A special weather bulletin was playing explaining that the storm had now moved in, and to expect a lot of thunder and lightning throughout  the night , the music resumed.

Undressing, she eases her way into the most perfect shower she had ever taken. Wetting her face and her hair. She begins to wash her body using the new bath wash she had gotten from the mall, that she LOVED.  Just then a CRACK of thunder rumbles the house startling her. So much so that she drop’s her loofa.

“damnit.” she says as she bends over to pick it up. Not at all noticing the dark shadow walking in through the closed shower curtain.

She wet’s her hair once more and begins to shampoo, lathering up closing her eyes and scrubbing away. Another loud crack of thunder and silence. The radio was no longer playing and from what she could see behind closed eyelids it was darker then it had been before.

“GOD DAMNIT!! The power has gone out!!! She says to herself utterly irritated.

She turn’s around to face the water rinsing her face and hair, when another flash of lighting fills the dark room with light, revealing a grinning creature standing behind her in the shower that she isnt aware of. The room is once again dark.

She turn’s off the water, and turn’s around. Another flash of lightning this time the creature is right in her face.  The room goes dark again and all you can hear is her scream.

"Dont Close Your Eyes" by ~Likwid-Lemon-Drop on deviantART


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