Wow….i was JUST thinking about him too…

So i woke up this morning and did the usual, shower check my tweet news etc. Not that i check my tweet news IN the shower or anything. Just FyI..

And i see that my child hood crush, Corey Haim, was dead.

Jesus Christ.

   I hearted him. Even when he was doing really bad movies with guy’s with haim mullets. It was good and sad at the same time to see him on the “two Corey’s” BUT i still watched it. But after  seeing it, i knew this is where it was heading to.

Hollywood is a terrible place. I cant imagine being so significant one day and then the next being a absolute no one. Having it ALL one day, the next having NOTHING! Living with your mother in HER apartment. I’m SURE he had the craziest life growing up during his hay day. Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll. He just wanted it back. But was left with his demons from THAT time….that he couldn’t control….

Such a bummer….


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