WOW it has been a little bit hasnt it?

So with writers block of the upmost extreme’s , a sleeping schedule that has been one of someone who has NO EYELIDS, i have been making rather half assed vacuous post’s about stupid, random shit really. So since i have taken the liberty of dosing myself with half priced Nyquil from Walgreens, hopefully this post will be better 😀

With that said……



Dear…..Fat Go-go Dancer…..,

There you are, at the nightspot. Dancing in that cage wearing your skinny friends shorts and halter top. Fuzzy leg warmers that look like you USED to have a dog at one point. Now he is on your legs. Dancing;…….. with you.

You,  looking a lot like the gorilla i saw at the zoo last year. Caged, trying to escape. Perspiration pouring down your round face and chins.

When you got dressed before the lovely outing this evening, did you happen to turn the lights on? DID you look in a mirror?  Did you happen to notice your stomach hung over your teeny tiny boy shorts like a waterfall over a cliff? Did you listen to your friend….? Because girllllllll when you asked that timeless question “Do i look fat?” Your friend should have taken that opportunity to say “Yes……yes, girl you look fat, you should PROBABLY not wear that outfit out…” But she didn’t and i think that maybe you should get a new friend, because she really did leave you wide open for me to talk about you all night. And i did, thanks for the laughs it was awesome! If you need ME to be that friend girl, i will do that. I will be THAT friend to you! ANYTHING to keep you from going out to a club dressed like THAT.

Swaying, and jiggling to the bass in the music. Swinging on the bars of your cage. Which every time you did those same bars would bend and deform against the weight that they were, I’m assuming NOT USED to supporting. The sad part about it is that I’m sure i will see you again. If not you someone else. maybe someone even bigger next time.

This IS San Antonio after all…..

With that said, round little go-go dancer. Please be aware of us, the club goers next time you put on those fuzzy fuckin boots or circulation depriving fishnets. We DON’T want to see YOUR shit jiggle in a cage kthx!!!



2 thoughts on “WOW it has been a little bit hasnt it?

  1. LMFAO! yes dude… someone has to stop this jumbo jet revolution that is going on.

    but i will so be there w a drink in my hand laughing my ass off at the scariness that now lurks not only in clubs but your local stores.

  2. Or you could remember that our society spends a lot of time making us feel like our looks are inadequate (extra pounds, extra body hair, not enough tits, skin not clear enough, hair not shiny enough, eyelashes not thick enough) and that our looks are more important than being smart or kind or brave or talented, good workers, good artists, good partners, good mothers… And maybe you could choose not to attack other women. Maybe you could see that woman as someone taking a moment for joy and dance.

    Why does her fatness bother you? How does it injure you? She wasn’t doing anything to you at all, but was just out having a good time.

    Is it that she clearly doesn’t care about your opinion of her? That she’s refusing to play the game of starvation and low self-esteem? That she’s decided to make other things a priority over torturing herself to fit an ideal that is, in fact, unhealthy?

    Does it bother you that, while you’re starving yourself and working out at the gym and constantly, anxiously examining your backside for the slightest sign of cellulite, that she’s decided to spend her time doing something else? Anything else?

    Maybe she’s a doctor. Or a social worker. Maybe she’s a mom and does get to go dancing often. Maybe she’s a biochemist working in ending world hunger. You’ve got no idea who this woman is, and what she’s accomplished. All you know is that, whatever she’s decided to do, she put it above what you clearly think should be more important; being skinny.

    Fat-shaming lessens us all, as women, and takes away our power. Because you are telling other women that they should submit to an ideal that is, in reality, unimportant, impossible for most, unhealthy for all, and exists solely to keep us under control and spending our money on crap we don’t need.

    You said mean things about a woman whose only crime was going out dancing while being fat. But your crime is actually much worse.

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