I think it was the .99 cent glowsticks…


      The Army Surplus store is the shit! Between the stacks and stacks of baggy army pants, to the authentic grenades, to the BOX of 99 cent glow sticks, how the hell can that go wrong. I mean what the hell do i NEED glow sticks for.  It was my inner 20 year old that saw a box of glow sticks and automatically thought RAVE! Lets glow stick it up!!!  But then i got them home and the 28 year old in me was thinking more on the lines of…..okay…wtf am i going to do with these?? Put them in my car i suppose.  Use them for EMERGENCIES?

   THEN there was the awesome Ghillie suit that was way to small for my buff guy arms to squeeze into..Rolands as well which was a massive bummer. I really wanted one even if they were like $150.00. YES, another thing that i don’t need at all, its not like i go hunting or anything like that. I mostly thought it would be awesome to lay in my front yard and wait for Mexican kids to walk by and talk shit to my dog. Then i would slowly stand the fuck up and make someone pee their pants…kind of like this actually…

(Lol…its like forrest, then BAM 12 dudes stand up! lol)

   You got to be careful though with that shit on the side of town i live on though. People carry guns and shit. UNLESS i bought a Ghillie AND a bullet proof vest. Cause they had those too!  Hummmmmm…….

Damn the possibilities, they are ENDLESS.


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