Are you INSANE crazy charm lady!!??

     Yesterday in my boredom that overtook me, i decided it would be a nice treat to take myself to the mall and finally have the charms put on my charm bracelet. (i had about 7 of them) The mall is not something i do on a regular basis basically because i fucking HATE shopping, and i would rather die then try on clothes. So i stroll on in to the little kiosk where they sell the charms and what not..

ME: Hi, i want to put these charms on.. *pours the charms out of the little bag*

INDIAN LADY: you want them saudered?

ME: yup

INDIAN LADY: $10 each…

ME: Um, no lol 

INDIAN LADY: How much did you want to pay?

ME: NOT $70!

INDIAN LADY: Well how much…  *yes she really did start to get all attitudish with me*

ME: Like $30

INDIAN LADY: ill do it for $60..

     There is a little place that i usually go to get my charms saudered on, its like a little news stand with a jeweler in the back at a little desk, but i thought i would check this place out first. So i tell her…

ME: Naw, I’m going to go check out this other place… (my little jeweler guy)

INDIAN LADY: ITS THE SAME COMPANY! HERE, (she pulls out a little bag with rings in them, and pulls one out) I’LL PUT THEM ON THESE, THEY ARE LIKE KEY RINGS! ILL DO IT FOR $55

    Are you serious?! YOU want ME to pay YOU $55 so you can attach my charms to my bracelet using key rings??!!

ME: Nope, nope…. (i pack up my shit and go to my dude…)

$25 bucks my dude charged me, for all 7 Charms…. PSH! $70 bucks my ASS crazy fuckin charm bitch!!  Now i Jingle 😀

(Dont mind my fat arm or anything lol)

3 thoughts on “Are you INSANE crazy charm lady!!??

  1. I think this is so funny. Its highway robbery!! Except in an air conditioned facility, off the high way, in a store, not a roadside stand. Same thing. I hear no jingling in your video, but I do like your tat, so it makes up for the lack of noise. Ill just imagine it jingles. 🙂

  2. Hey girly they look nice maybe on sat. we will go to the trade center and buy you a couple more and have them put on there

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