Sex addiction…the new BLACK.

So i normally don’t post shit about celebrity gossip but for Christ’s sake…

Jesse James is a "broken man" who is trying desperately to save his marriage, according to his lawyer.
Attorney Joe Yanny says, "This whole thing has destroyed Jesse’s entire universe. Right now, he’s a broken man."
Yanny says Jesse is still in love with Sandra Bullock and, "The single most important thing to Mr. James and the children is that the marriage somehow survive."
As TMZ first reported, James is being treated at the Sierra Tucson rehab facility. Yanny cautions people not to assume the treatment is for sex addiction.    —So lets all feel sorry for Jesse Broken man James for screwing multiple whores while his wife was away filming the movie that won her a Oscar…

  So is this like the NEW THING or something? Go off and be, as my mom says, a “Man-Whore” and claim sex addiction.  Hell, it worked for Tiger fucking what’s his face. Why not…?  Sleep with lotsa chicks like THIS….

facebookbombchell You remember those public service announcements, where they would say things like, “You never know who has STD’s, you cant tell who has a STD just by looking at them.”

      WELL YOU KNOW WHAT, I’m pretty fucking sure this bitch has a STD i CAN tell JUST by looking at her!  And thanks to you Michelle Bombshell, my mom hates all tattooed women now, so there goes my chances of getting any kind of tattoo sleeve done! Damn you…

Those tears jesse is crying, is the "god damn im such a fucking douchebag" kind.

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