Easter Rundown….will be rundowned……. Tomorrow?

So, i have to say that i think i had maybe one of the craziest weekends ever. It was like weird shit that happens on farms weekend or something…

I think i broke my ankle and Nom nom-ed on lots of awesome fucking cake!

Anyway, will post tomorrow updates and pics.

Remember how i told you a bit ago how our kids are flea magnets??

Well they are baaaaaack! (the fleas, not the kids) And they are worse then ever.

Nothing beats a trek to Walgreens at 10:30pm to buy flea spray. It seems to have worked for now…THANK GOD!

Anyway, taking some motrin and elevating my stupid foot…



One thought on “Easter Rundown….will be rundowned……. Tomorrow?

  1. Oh man, hope the ankle isn’t broken! Im battling fleas on my ferret right now, none of the dogs or cats have them, but the poor weasel is covered. Its hard because I can only use kitten safe stuff on her. Hope your guys are ok.

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