Easter weekend Part 2….

   “I would like to order a boat of noodles. kthx”…. 

    With the adventure at the Trade Center coming to conclusion with the purchase of the “Bass Assassin” glow and the dark fishing luresbassassasin. Which i do have to say, they are some cool fishing lures in theory. They glow and look like little fish…but quite frankly they didn’t assassinate SHIT except my mom’s boyfriend when he had to climb out on a wet log to untangle the lure from a pile of wood.  Anyway…..

  We headed over to the “Little Manila Lumpia House” for some Lumpia and Pancit, which i haven’t had in YEARS! So going into this, my mom’s boyfriend was wary.

Mom’s boyfriend: So, what kind of food is this? What do they have?

5 minutes later….

Mom’s boyfriend: Is it like Chinese?

3 minutes later…..

Mom’s boyfriend: What else do you think they might have?

another few minutes pass….(it was a long drive)

2010-04-03 15.53.51

Mom’s boyfriend: So, is it like Chinese or not?

FINALLY we get there and sit, order etc. it SMELLED amazing..I was damn excited…one by one they bring out our trays of food….in BOATS!

  (We go to a Filipino restaurant and Roland orders “Sweet and Sour Chicken” lol)  But we had SO MUCH food, Roland even got in on the Pancit action and really liked it. yay for trying new things…..


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