Easter weekend Part 3…..

  “I has a BUNNY! ….

You have a what…..?”

   Finally the day came, Easter Sunday! We had a smoked brisket planned, and some small smoked chickens. Beer drinking by the pond fishing with the WORST Bass Assassin i ever met. The day was cloudy but warm, it was nice. BUT we unfortunately weren’t catching SHIT because SOMEONE i know…


  Having to go inside for a second, i cross the farm to get out of the gate and i hear a bunch of squeaking, LOUD squeaking by the fence. Not paying any attention to it i go inside.

After a few minutes i reemerge to see everyone by the side of the gate that i heard the squealing, and my mom’s boyfriend holding up something. As i got closer i noticed that something was a rather large snake. My first thought was “OMG its a rattle snake…and then i hear my sister…

Sister: I HAS A RABBIT!!!……. ON EASTER!!

Me: You what?

Sister: A RABBIT!

And as i get closer she has something in her hands. A tiny something at that…and the closer i get i could clearly see what it was…


So, apparently the snake that my mom’s boyfriend was holding was wrapped around this little dude squeezing the hell out of him trying to murder him. And that was the squealing i heard, This little guy. My Mom’s boyfriend walked over there and touched the snake and he let go…He (the rabbit) was so cute! He was a jack rabbit. His feet were massive.  We held him for a little while then we set him free….hopefully not to be eaten by another snake.

  With the near death experience behind us we finally sit down to eat and it was well worth the wait…

2010-04-04 15.23.11

2010-04-04 15.23.03 

(^^ my amazing pasta salad, that i wish i had more of at this moment.)

2010-04-04 15.29.08 (^^The diva chicken….)

Eating until stuffed, and retreating to our rooms for a quick nap. After, my mother and i wanted to sit and chit chat on the back deck before we had to make the 2 hour drive home. The weather was so nice, a nice cool breeze blowing in and it was quiet and relaxing on the back deck. Then all of a sudden…

Mom: OMG! Alice has a mouse!! (Alice is my sisters cat)

Here comes my sisters cat, strolling around the house with something in her mouth. My first thought was “Well, there goes the bunny…” But it wasn’t.

Me: No, its a BIRD!

2010-04-04 18.28.28

2010-04-04 18.29.33

Here was this cat, sitting with a sparrow or something in its mouth waiting for someone to open the door she could dash inside to eat her bird. BUT no one did so my mother and i got the pleasure of watching her devour this poor thing right in front of us, after eating a full meal of meat ourselves… kinda gross..

     The weekend coming to a close, we start packing the car. with armloads of stuff I’m walking through the front yard trying to maneuver around dogs, and cats i failed to notice the nice little hole in the yard. CRACK! My ankle rolls and it hurts SOOO BAD! I was like well oh shit i broke my damn ankle..i never had a pain like that before from rolling a ankle so i was pretty positive that i had broken it…

Its okay now though. It hurt all night last night but the Motrin helped.

It’s always a adventure to go home on holidays, but this weekend seemed more eventful then others. I don’t know if it was because spri
ng has sprung or what but the farm animals were insane!

Camping in July is going to be awesome….cant wait for the river and to see what the hell happens then…


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