DUDE! What in the bleepity, BLEEP!

      plantar-flexion-inversion-sprain TWICE! In ONE week I have done this!! I was never a clumsy person. EVER! and now I’m Rolling my ankles all over fucking Texas! First time was at my mom’s house loading the truck to come back home. Hurt my left ankle BADD! It still is kind of sore when i move it certain ways. But there was a hole in the ground that one was excused!

  TODAY is a different story and i actually FELL this time, OUTSIDE, in some bushes. I was just minding my own business walking with the dog, on a little path trying to make my way up this hill, and before I know it, my RIGHT ankle this time roll’s out from under me! Down I go with a loud “WOOoooo!” Right into the over brush of stickers and weeds and who knows what the hell else… WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME??!!  I sit up to collect myself from my fall, look around to make sure no one saw me. I was pretty confident that no one did considering i was out in the middle of a field, until i see the guy mowing the lawn some way away stopped dead in his tracks looking in my direction. I HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD LAUGH AT MY EXPENSE MR. LANDSCAPER GUY!!! Damn you…

Standing up i realize I chose the perfect fucking spot to face plant in because i was FULL of those stupid sticker burr things….

BUT the good news that comes from this is when i got home i Googled “Ankle Rolling” and What Causes Ankle Rolling” And what i FOUND was so fucking AWESOME!

  “Many contact sports and activities can lead to a rolled ankle. An athlete who constantly runs, jumps, pivots, and stops is prone to landing awkwardly on the foot, causing the ankle to roll over and become sprained.”   – Source

i KNEW it was because i was a fucking athlete! Only athlete’s do shit like roll their ankles!! Maybe since i have done it so often lately, that means i am twice the athlete i was LAST week!

Damn i RULE!


2 thoughts on “DUDE! What in the bleepity, BLEEP!

  1. well i am glad that you didn’t hurt yourself daughter. so did you manage to hang on to daphies or was she running wild, lol be careful i think you should wear high and tight at the ankle shoes when you go for a walk. well be careful out there daughter, lots of love mom

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