“Avon Calling….!”

      So i spent the morning watching makeup tutorials on youtube for some reason. They always make me want to go out and buy shit loads of makeup that i would NEVER use, or put makeup on myself. I barely ever wear makeup usually.  So today after my marathon makeup tutorials, i decide i was going to get made up and go run some errands.

I set up the bright light that we have for our snake over my makeup table and got to work. I should have known when my eye shadow was NEVER dark enough, or my foundation didn’t look right. Or why i couldn’t see my bronzer on my cheeks. So of course, i kept applying and applying till it looked JUST right.

Finalizing the look, i applied some loose powder, turned off the light i was using and came to the bathroom to fix my hair.






     I guess the light was too bright or something because i couldn’t see the makeup i was putting on. I know when you say that , it doesn’t make sense. But it had to be that light.  I’m pretty good at applying makeup on a regular basis, but today….i don’t know what the hell happened……




(by the way, the picture i used is from a HILARIOUS you tuber by the name of GlowPinkStah, you MUST check her out. Chola makeup tutorial is WIN)


One thought on ““Avon Calling….!”

  1. Best. Visual. Punchline. Ever. The answer to your query of ‘what happened?’: AWESOME happened.

    I now strangely find myself wanting to watch Pink Flamingos….coincidence? Hardly.

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