DJ KeeQue Exclusive!

    teknosoundskeeque     (KeeQue at Rebel Alliance)

      Recently, i was lucky enough for a chance to sit down with a Texas Favorite in the Electronic Music scene. Having contributed to the scene for many years he has established a name for himself as a AWESOME DJ who is guaranteed to get you out on the dance floor with his house banging beats. “KeeQue is a amazing DJ who when I hear he is coming into town I KNOW i will be there” Said one enthusiastic partygoer from the valley. Always the crowd pleaser, I EXPECT KeeQue’s music to be heard for many years to come.

(Crystal):     What the HELL does KeeQue stand for?

(KeeQue):     lol its short for my real name. Enrique.  Should be spelled “Kike” but um…yeah that probably would get pronounced like “Kite” which isn’t exactly what I’m going for.

(Crystal):     Who gave you that Nickname?

(KeeQue):     Some guys from Laredo that lived across the hall from me in college.  These dudes were crazy and always yelling "chorizo!!" at the top of their lungs down the hall, and knowing that my name is Enrique, they naturally named me "KeeQue" as that’s what they would call anyone of the same name back home.  Not as common around these parts just kinda stuck

(Crystal):     Yea i agree with you when you say crazy guys usually yell “chorizo”….the crazy guy’s I’ve known tend to yell chorizo a lot too..

(KeeQue):     hahaha…yeah I think its a Laredo thing

(Crystal):     How long have you been Dj’ing?

(KeeQue):     well…professionally…since around 1999, but bedroom probably forever.  I never had proper equipment until 1999.

(Crystal):     What or WHO inspired you to become a DJ?

(KeeQue):     Well this is a long story.

(Crystal):     never mind……

totally kidding…..

(KeeQue):     lol

(KeeQue):      I always used to make "mixtapes" as a kid.  Trying to catch the songs on the Trying to catch songs on the radio as they would begin and then perfectly as they finish then later on I’d want to condense all my favorite songs onto one tape.  I’d have to buy the really really long tapes which wear down your tape player after a while by the way. later I became intrigued by the whole "scratching" thing that I’d see on TV all the time and tried on my dad’s belt drive pioneer.  I always wondered how you could do that and make it continue on tempo without the wind up action. So eventually I was old enough to go to clubs and I’d get to see Master Mixin’ Mando and Steve Smokin Chavez in San Antonio doing their thing I’d study the mixes on their weekend mix shows and how they made things seamlessly go together.  That’s what I really wanted to do.  Put keequemicroit all together and make it fit with no silence in between so as I got to learning I really started getting more into the dance music side of their mixing More the Miami Bass stuff and a lot of the older house tracks that were really popular.  As well as freestyle….and so my curiosity kept going.  I always felt that those sets were not long enough and that their Rap and Hip Hop sets were way too long.  I mean stuff like AVH’s remix of Spin Spin     Sugar.  Couldn’t get enough of it. So that’s basically the beginning of my curiosity.  I’ve always loved music.  Would never have 1 moment of silence pretty much in my life. People always asked me if they wanted to know the name of a song, etc.  It just goes on and on.


(Crystal):     Awesome!!!!  Wow would have thought. Oh and just one question wtf is a tape player?

totally fucking kidding……

(KeeQue):     HAHAHA ……..TDK!

(Crystal):     Anyway moving on….

(Crystal):     Anyone who has seen you play live, notice that you wear something special to you around your neck. Tell me a little bit about where that came from and what does it signify?

(KeeQue):     It’s a 45 adapter which comes with every Technics turntable that you buy.  No records that DJs play ever come in 45 single format, at least with the large hole in the middle.  I wanted to wear something that was different, that signified something to people that knew what it was.All it is, is a machined piece of aluminum, but to a DJ, it’s a whole lot more.  I just liked the message behind it.

(Crystal):     What was your firs REAL big Gig?

(Keeque):     if I had to put my finger on it, it would be Cerebral Stimulation at the Center Theater in Corpus Christi TX.  It was a huge theater and I was amazed at the whole scale of the setup. A lot of the old Asylum shows were big.  1000 kids in front of a 21 yr old is pretty big.  Lots of the Area512 shows blow my mind as far as how many people are there just looking at you and grooving with you.  I don’t know if its the amount of the people there that makes it big as much as it is the vibe and the feeling that you get from the crowd that makes it big.

(Crystal):     Do you plan out your sets or do you play to the reaction of the crowd?

(KeeQue):     I don’t plan my sets out.  There are certain things that you know you want to get played in a night but its really about what people are feeling.  You could be playing the best track in your crate but if it’s not part of the vibe that has been created, its just going to bomb.

(Crystal):     From all the shows that you’ve played is there any one that stands out as the most memorable?

(KeeQue):     wow….that’s a hard question….they’re all really memorable for one reason or another…, but if I had to name one that was the MOST memorable I think it was the one of the first times I opened for a headliner.  I got to open for DJ Dan one time.  He’s a favorite of mine and just to be able to warm up for him is an honor that isn’t hard to replace.  The people at that show were really into the music as well.

(Crystal):     What was the Craziest thing to ever happen to you at a party?

(KeeQue):     A guy ran up on the stage after Rebel Allian
ce was over.  COMPLETELY NAKED.  It was like 5 in the morning and this dude is naked as the day he was born and ran up onto the stage TOTALLY CONFUSED.

(Crystal):     HA you saw some dude’s hairy nuts…..


(Crystal):     Out of all the tracks you have which one is the one that “Never fails”?

(KeeQue):     Kosheen-Catch lol

(Crystal):     OMFG!

(KeeQue):     j/k    I don’t know if there’s a track that never fails.  I go through a lot of tracks in a year. But right now I’m still feeling Duck Sauce-anyway

(Crystal):     For Summer of love you made it your personal  goal to barf in the Gulf of Mexico. Did you fulfill that goal?

(KeeQue):     well, I didn’t get to puke in the gulf of Mexico but holy crap we got so wasted out there in south padre.  Drew of Energetik really knows how to treat the Djs that he brings down and he really knows how to throw a party

(Crystal):     If I look through your record crates right now what is the most embarrassing thing I might find?

(KeeQue):     There’s a lot of stuff up in my studio that I probably don’t want anyone to know.  I used to be in a record pool and I’d get the most random bullshit on vinyl that just takes up space right now you basically cant give that stuff away

(Crystal):     If you say Kosheen “Catch” i will fucking kill you

(KeeQue):     KOSHEEN CATCH, yeah that one. its still in my crate since 2000 or so lol.

(Crystal):     you are dead to me

(Crystal):     Do you produce your own tracks?

(KeeQue):     i am right now…I’ve started to experiment with Ableton and I’ve invested in some other hardware to do my own stuff.  Ive always wanted to remix and I’m working on that

(Crystal):     oooh sweet, I’m sure we would all be looking forward to that…

(KeeQue):     i surely hope so.  Hopefully its not one of those random tracks that take up space in someone’s collection that you can’t give away lol

(Crystal):     Tell me about EFUSIONRADIO.COM How did that Idea come along? And what can we expect from it in the future?

(KeeQue):   in college the music on corpus airwaves sucked. and I always wanted to do my own radio broadcasts, like Master Mixin Mando and Steve Smokin Chavez.  So I tried to get on the radio in Kingsville.  And I had my own radio show there for pretty much every year I was on campus, but I wasn’t a communications major.  That’s probably pretty strange. well, I had already started networking outside of Corpus and Kingsville to try and get some recognition to play parties up in Austin and my home town San Antonio but nobody had really known about me.  SO….I’d get into yahoo chat rooms and basically whip people until they gave up the voice chat  and I’d do mixes in there.keequetrampstamp until everyone would ignore me or someone else would steal the Mic away from me and play their distorted hardcore music. I quickly got tired of fighting all the damn time so I started doing some research to find out how I could broadcast on my own.  I found a few options like Live 365 which used to be free.  I started broadcasting that way for a while until they wanted to charge all their Djs.  No thanks.  I’m a college student.  So I did more research and eventually found a reliable and relatively cheap way to do it the way that I’m doing now  but it has evolved so much.  As I was working on the radio station, I met a guy who was doing electronic music shows on the weekend.  That was REALLY BIZARRE for Kingsville, which is pretty much under the Corpus Christi umbrella for entertainment and media. So this guy and I decided to do a radio show together on his weekend timeslot on KTAI 91.1 and we called the show Euphoric Fusion.  His show was called Electronic Fusion and I wanted to bring a different feeling to the show.  Something that created a sense of what the music was doing to me at the time.  Really at all those Asylum parties, the word Euphoria pretty much describes them all.
(8:59:54 PM):     So, Euphoric Fusion was born. It’s pretty much Jav’s and my brainchild that has evolved into what it is today. 

(Crystal):     And you broadcast 24/7 right?

(KeeQue):     yes.

(Crystal):     What can we expect from Euphoric Fusion in the future?

(KeeQue):      The future, who knows. you can expect nothing but the best in electronic music.  House, Trance, Techno, DnB, Dubstep, etc.  Yes I said Dubstep.   Upgrades are definitely involved both for the website, the stream and the DJ’s.  I’m upgrading from just me and Josh Granado to include Big Rich, DJ Lady T, Hauss-Style and a few others that can’t be announced just yet but it’s coming soon!

(Crystal):     KeeQue, Moar Dubstep, KEEQUE??!!  *shocked*  What happened to “NO MOAR DUBSTEP KEEQUE” i miss that guy he was awesome.

(KeeQue):     HAH Dubstep is great, but for my taste in moderation.  I can’t help it, I’m a House head.

(Crystal):     How do you feel about your latest Mix “Back to the Groove”?

(KeeQue):     I feel that it captures a feeling that I used to get when I made my sets back in the day.  I used to play a lot of funkier disco house back when I was first coming up in the Austin and San Antonio scene.  And I think that House is making a huge comeback in 2010 and I want to do my part in helping spread the vibe and the groove that so many people seem to miss nowadays.  It seems that anyone you talk to nowadays misses that old funky groove that used to be so comforting and warm.  Now it’s a lot of cold minimal type stuff, which isn’t bad, but I think that something is missing at parties.  And maybe House is it.  Electro is awesome, but I miss House.

(Crystal):     i Grabbed the mix last night…it’s awesome by the way.

(KeeQue):     hah thanks 🙂


(Crystal):     So you recently got engaged! How has that chan
ged your life? Does it make you want to play  mooshy  love Trance?  Don’t pretend like you never played Trance I have fucking proof!

(KeeQue):     hahaha yeah getting engaged made me want to play 24 hours straight of fluffy dolphin trance.  I even played Kosheen-Catch, but my computer crashed so no you cant have a copy. Yeah I used to dabble in trance a long while back.  There are still mixes in programming on efusionradio it’s not a big secret.  Honestly, it got really really expensive to buy a million different genres of music

(Crystal):     Do you have a normal job outside of Djing?

(KeeQue):     Yeah I’m actually an engineer in real life.  All those days of raving my ass off and Djing in college actually ended up in me somehow earning a degree in mechanical engineering.

(Crystal):     How would you describe the life of a Dj in three sentences to your eight-year-old nephew?

(KeeQue):     i have an 8 year old nephew? wtf?  am I gonna have to kick my sister’s ass?

(Crystal):     if u fuckin did…… jesus

(KeeQue):     oh ok i thought we were about to go Maury Povich here

(Crystal):     now i’m going to have to call ur sister and apologize for busting her out ..kidding

(KeeQue):    Well, Lets see……. Being able to express a mood with music is part of the best things about being a Dj. It’s a great way to relieve the stress of everyday life by being able to create something with whatever the medium may be (records, cds, etc).  But like any good thing, it must be in moderation. I have a smart hypothetical 8 yr old nephew i guess

(Crystal):      rofl apparently

(Crystal):     How do the fans get in touch with you? (twitter, Facebook, Myspace) 

(KeeQue):, KeeQ Tha PhreeQ on aim,,,,, 1800-Phr-eeQy

(Crystal):     HAHAHAH  1800-Phr-eeQy ……….ur stupid

(KeeQue):     yeah i know

(Crystal):     Finally, what should we expect from Keeque in 2010?

(KeeQue):     Lots more music, lots more house and a lot more And hopefully, some of my own remixes and tracks very soon.


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