I went full NERD yesterday…

I joined Gamefly the other night because I wanted something to play, and its POINTLESS for me to buy videogames anymore because my attention span when it comes to them is like ZERO! So I thought Gamefly would be the best option for my A.D.D self. The first game I rented was "Dante’s Inferno” Which is a game I had BEEN wanting to play since it came out..

     I beat it yesterday, took me like 6 hours. I’m sure its only a 4 hour game, so I’m still trying to figure out why it took me so long to beat it.

It was fun , i felt like i was a super BEAST in the video game department. And SO WHAT if i was playing it on classic. (Although i did try HARD today and got annihilated, BUT that’s not the point here.)

      SO here’s my review of sorts i guess….

   It was Kindddddd of dirty. Like the sexual undertones and not to mention…. Satan had like the HUGEST fucking wang ever. I mean whoever was the chief developer on that guy has to have some major wang issues for it to be that HUGE. There was quite a bit of boobie touching and what not….and there were times when i was like…man i should redtube this. (totally kidding, it wasnt THAT bad, but for a video game i was shocked at times)

It was fun and looked AMAZING!!!!……………….(THE GAME NOT SATAN’S WANG) And i probably would play it again on a harder setting.

I recommend it if you like visual games etc. You have to be quick on your toes and know where alllll the buttons are at….just FYI.



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