Apparently, I drown Gato’s.

   Tripper didn’t come home last night so naturally i didn’t sleep at all. It was his first time outside all night. 😦

I woke up this morning at 7am  Just to go outside and call his name. He was there thankfully but COVERED in flea’s. So i decided it was about that time to take him a bath.

He normally does pretty good in the bath. Just sits there and takes it. But today i pulled a burr sticker off his tail and he FLIPPED OUT!


ME: Oh U are fine!


He LITERLY starts to climb up the wall and twisting and turning his body all freakin over soaking me with water.

ME: Really Tripper? Are you serious??!! Its not that BAD!

i somehow by the look on his face, DON’T think he agreed with me.


4 thoughts on “Apparently, I drown Gato’s.

  1. aw man. this does not fill me with hope for Rumi’s looming bath date. I had to cut a dred out of his coat yesterday and clipped his skin, the shocked expression on his face was worse than all the meows in the world!

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