Drew Daywalt Visits the Queen Mary.


(Drew Daywalt @ Linda Vista Hospital while filming scenes for his Upcoming, Camera Obscura)   


   Did i ever explain at any point, how my friend Drew Daywalt was going to be Visiting the Queen Mary for two days? He opted for the MOST haunted room on the ship, and was constantly asked from staff he was sure in taking that room and if he maybe would like to change with another available room. Of course, stubborn he didn’t. Like a mirror of “Stephen Kings “The Shining” Drew decided the off season was the best time to visit, he was one if not the ONLY visitor on the ship at the time (aside from staff). He was there for some inspiration for a new horror script he was writing and I think after it was all said and done he got a little more then he bargained for in those two days he was there.

The time he was there he was sharing the experience with us via twitter. Not a moment went by that he didn’t twit about it. LONG into the night, he twitted the horrors he was witnessing and us as readers could see the panic start to set in as the typing became erratic and uncontrolled. Fear is one, if not THE most powerful emotion a human feels.

Here are some excerpts from that night he spent at the Queen Mary via his twitter @DrewDaywalt(Remember Twitter reads from down to up, so start at the last image and scroll up)

Having returned from his trip, he recalled footage that he had gotten of the infamous night aboard the Queen Mary. He revealed that he had been shooting a Vlog about the nights events and captured something unexplainable..(here is that footage)



But little did we know, the worst was yet to come. Compiling a full 9 Minutes of footage and released EXCLUSIVELY to Dreadcentral.com, we are able to see what actually took place those two nights aboard the Queen Mary. What he filmed was not only disturbing, but fucking scary!


Queen Mary Footage – Drew Daywalt’s Stay Aboard
Uploaded by dreadcentral. – Explore exotic destinations and travel videos.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Drew Daywalt Visits the Queen Mary.

  1. well i did not see or hear alot of the stuff he was saying he was seeing or hearing but i did see that thing at the end could it be photo shopped it was too clear. i don’t know but it was scary

  2. you know the queen mary is where ghost hunters went that they found that someone from the ship had faked the part of the video where the sheet was moving off the bed, i think someone was messing with that dude

  3. I am sorry. I think it’s fake. I don’t care about the timing, or anything. the chick in the tub was way to detailed to be a “ghost”. besides, if he was doing research on a known haunted room, wouldn’t he have left the camera on the entire time? Or atleast a few in the corners (gotta get every angle). Paranormal investigaters do that, why couldn’t he? …. Cause he was doing what he could to make it look real.

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