I Just wanted to say….


      That through this whole blogging thing, i have met some super cool people, read some really funny blogs and made some really awesome friends!! I would like to take a moment and share a couple of really awesome blogs that i go to daily!!


Bee’s Write

She is terribly funny and has turned me on to Mike Rowe Mondays. Every time I see Mike Rowe anywhere I think of Beesus. She is a amazing writer and can convey a awesomely funny thought without littering a post with the word “fuck”. (a feat which i envy to the fullest degree) She also taught me that scientist’s dose sheep with meth to Taser them. (true story just ask her or her dad)  😀

Here’s to you Beesus , god damnit. You rock in many way’s my darling.


Sam @ Happiness Tourniquet

  The Dog trainer, in training that hates crazy dog owners. I dub her one of the sweetest girls on the interwebs! She has a super cute ferret named “holly”, which she actually JUST found out was a dude. :(  She’s content with it saying “So from now on I have a transvestite ferret and I’m ok with that.”

Her blog is awesome in many ways, especially if you enjoy intelligent people. Cause lord KNOWS I do! She ALSO can communicate clearly without using the word “fuck” repeatedly.

….Hummm i’m thinking maybe i should get with these ladies and learn this SKILL!!


ANYWAYS thanks ladies….you guys are WIN!


And that is all….


2 thoughts on “I Just wanted to say….

  1. Your super sweet! Ive never had a shout out, let alone one of this proportion. Thanks love! I love your blog too, I love the fact your not a newlywed, or mom, or counting down until you shoot a baby out of your something that shall not be named. I visit your blog daily too!! Im super jealous of some of your awards. 🙂
    So I have always had a twitter account, but never posted anything so i’m going to redo it all and start posting now that I have a new phone. Ill let you know the whatever its called that lets you follow people. I’m starting to sound technologically retarded. :\ Thanks again!!

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