Robert Downey Jr. Makes me scream like a girl.

First off I will say that I wanted to write a review for the movie,  really did. But for some reason those are really hard for me because before I know it , I have told you the whole fucking movie. Don’t want to do that to you.

I will definitely say that IRON MAN 2 was WAY Better then the first. THEN I will say that, Scarlett Johansson as the Black Window was so effin HAWT, and I’m encouraged to start working out and dye may hair red. And finally I will say that if there is a movie that you should definitely see it would be IRON MAN 2, and last night at the first fan screening, it was ABSOLUTELY EPIC!


—-24 hours ago—-


Deciding that it would probably be best to leave super retardedly early that is precisely what we did. After our hour and a half drive was behind us from San Antonio to Austin Texas we were starving and needed grub. Our original plan was to head to Pluckers, BUT we couldn’t find it because Austin’s hwy system was designed by someone who was either..

  • A. fucking blind as a bat.
  • B. did NOT have any sense of logical direction.
  • C. was Dr. fucking Seuss.

Needless to say we couldn’t find Pluckers….

We ended up @ Austin’s Pizza

austinpizza pizza1

(Nom Nom)

After finishing the WHOLE pizza i kid you not, we thought it was probably time to head over to the line…it was about 2pm. Our screening didn’t start until 7pm….lol shhhyea…we weren’t really looking forward to the line part of it…


Did i mention how Austin has like the crappiest traffic ever?? And how simply pulling out of a parking lot can make someone want to kill themselves??


We arrived to the Draft house which was a whopping 3 blocks away….

drafthouse1 drafthouse2

(Is it me, or does the Draft House sign KIND of look like a penis and balls?)

After about a hour of sitting on the pebble gravel my butt and legs were more then numb, then out of NO WHERE i hear the LOUDEST FART i think i ever heard in my life. Surrounded by people in line, there was no doubt in my mind who it was. Out of the corner of my eye i see Roland trying to shuffle around, rubbing his shoes on the pebble gravel trying to replicate the noise. Pretending i didn’t hear anything i stared at my phone holding in the laugh i had building with everything i had. Feeling a little sorry for Roland thinking to myself that he must be so embarrassed, poor guy, i hear him snicker next to me…then giggle…then laugh…and i just lost it. That mofo wasn’t embarrassed! I should have known that from the get go….THEN , i started thinking “Man, i hope they didn’t think it was ME that farted all loud like that…”

The hours passed like months, and a brief tease of a truck with a trunk full of gift bags that weren’t even for us, we finally get into the theater and take a seat for the movie we had been waiting outside for hours to see. The lights Dim, and we are told that there is a special recorded message (no doubt from the director Jon Favreau)


Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. at the Alamo Drafthouse from DG on Vimeo.


I was pretty excited when Jon Favreau came out NO DOUBT, when when Robert Downey Jr. Walked out on that stage all my fan girl fucking glory came rushing out!!!

The movie like i said was Great, action packed and funny. After Jon Favreau came out for a short Q & A. The whole time he was doing it, i was thinking to myself, Man i should ask a question about the the Rumors about Scarlett Johansson in the “Black Window” Movie. Deciding against it, we are told that he will only answer 3 more questions…so i was like you know what….you only live this life ONCE. If i don’t ask the question i WANT to ask in this moment i will always look back and WISH that i just had enough balls to ask that question. SO…….i raised my hand and asked…..

ME: I just wanted to say thanks so much for Scarlett as the Black Widow, she was amazingly HAWT   ….(ever have a WHOLE room of 300 people turn around and look at you…yea, its a very woah type of situation)

But then Everyone cheered! (lol THAT was awesome)

ME: There have been rumors of a Spin off Black Widow movie WITH Scarlet, do you think you may have any involvement with that?

Basically, his answer was No, BUT that it is a possibility that someone should try to establish a STRONG female super hero lead,but that most studios are afraid of that because they feel it might not be marketable or something people want to see WHICH i kind of disagree with because half the super hero movie audience are male, WHO I am almost POSITIVE wouldn’t mind sitting through a hour and a half of Scarlett Johansson kicking ASS in leather. Shit…i would….

ANYWAY…proud of my bravery the Q & A was over, and invited to the after party (woohoo) We collect our awesome gift…

2010-04-28 12.22.32

We head over to the after party…drink tickets in hand… (yay for drink tickets) We see Jon Favareau sitting at a table drinking a beer talking to fans…I tell Roland , you should go get your book signed. Naturally Roland was super reluctant… (he is normally really shy and doesn’t talk to anyone) I told him about how i felt when asking my question and that he should or he would regret it….

He mustered up his courage….MET Jon Favareau, shook his hand and had a short chat with him!!!  WTF!!???


Then Jon Favareau jumped on the turntables and started spinning and scratching….

(yea…..the whole night was so fucking surreal….why not, the director of Iron Man scratching on some turn tables at a club that was ALSO a fucking bowling alley in Austin Texas to complete the night…..….)

SO AMAZING!!! And I dont think i could have spent the experience with ANYONE else other then my best friend and boyfriend, Roland!

Love u!


13 thoughts on “Robert Downey Jr. Makes me scream like a girl.

  1. awww, so sweet man you all are just the luckiest people, i bet you all had alot of fun. the director of the movie is or was an actor too cause ive seen him in movies but i cant recall which ones, glad you all had fun

  2. oh by the way cool books too, get a book box for them cause they will be worth something for comic book collectors looking for them.

  3. That sounds like an amazing time! I would have peed if I was in the same room with Robert!! I love road trips! I haven’t even seen Iron Man 1 yet. 😦 Dont shun me please!!
    The Sonj and I are leaving early Saturday morning to drive to new orleans to see a concert Saturday night and then drive back in time to be to work Sunday afternoon. I’m super stoked!!

  4. You forgot to mention how NO cell phones were allowed. And they had private Paramount security scanning people with high tech”electronic scanning devices”

  5. Robert Downey Junior makes me cry. He is sooooo gifted, but he has all but pissed his life away on drugs. He could have made the really big bucks over ther years, then retired and really made a difference somewhere in his life. Sherlock Holmes was HORRIBLE! I wanted to leave 5 minutes in, but my movie pal made me stay.

  6. Guess I expected him to do what he did in Chaplin, and play Holmes as Sir Basil Rathbone. I would have loved that! Instead, he pretty much played himself. I think artists should play to their strengths, and not to their weaknesses.

  7. dude that sounds like a freaking awesome crazy once in a lifetime lucky ass person kind of thing. i’m so jealous! and if you were here to see my poor typing you’d see how excitedly i’m typing and failing at the same time. lol.

  8. I really enjoyed this post, especially the “examples in this post” portion which made it really easy for me to SEE what you were talking about without even having to leave the article. Thanks

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