Wow…FLYLEAF totally WINS!!!

The First annual KISS FEST was so amazing. All in all i went to see FLYLEAF. I could care less about the rest of the bands honestly…

We caught the end of Five Finger Death Punch, which i will have to say when they did the song called “The Bleeding” the crowd went into EPIC status….it really was amazing….

I love bands when they sound JUST like they did on the album, and Five finger really did bring it…

FLYLEAF comes on and opens with a song from the first cd. From then on i was just waiting for them to play all the songs i *heart* from Momento Mori. They eventually did and i SANG them alllllll……

She did this amazing cover and i almost had to fight a fucking drunk guy who was in my way to see her sing it…….it was so amazing….

what a awesome show really…..they really brought it…..i HAVE video but its super shitty which blows bad…. 😦

Oh not to forget to mention…Shamu was there dude…

to make matters worse as you can see…she was NOT wearing ANY underwear…..

Yea we talked about her ALLLL night…she really did think she was FINE!




3 thoughts on “Wow…FLYLEAF totally WINS!!!

  1. OMG! i was just going to ask you if that was her crack you could see, lol. then you mentioned it, that is really nasssssssty. girlfriend did your mother not take a look at you when you walked out of the house.

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