HOW effin RAD is this!!!???


So this is pretty awesome if i do say so myself…Apparently its a nifty little shot!

  • Ingredients:

    3/4 shot Silver Rum
    1/4 shot Everclear
    1 Blue Twizzler

  • Directions: Wind a blue Twizzler around a tall double shot glass. It should stick to the sides of the glass. Pour in the silver rum and top with the Everclear. Drink, then eat the Twizzler for a sweet/sour aftertaste.

What’s funny and ironic about this shot (If you are familiar with everclear) Is when you drink it, it offers a slightly “different” kind of intoxication then your normal type of liquors. It sort of makes you a fucking retard. I would assume it is because drinking it is pretty much the equivalency of drinking rubbing alcohol or gasoline. So the fact that the shot is called a “T-Virus” and it makes you a real live drunken retard zombie, Makes this even more awesome!!! 


3 thoughts on “HOW effin RAD is this!!!???

    • In theory….maybe? The “T-Virus” IS supposed to “regenerate” cells….But i think it will just regenerate your retard cells….to make you more retarded. Its the Everclear…its BAD with the murdering of brain cells…

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