Oh JEEZUS! Ohhhhhh god….

Yep, so i completely forgot to tell you how Roland had a accident while playing football last Saturday…..


I don’t know what happened, if it got caught on someone’s jersey or what…but he Semi ripped his fingernail off…and it was just hanging there….

So we got home…and he decided that he should probably rip it off because it was just going to hurt and get torn off anyway…..  So he did……

And i filmed it….

The first time he tried to rip it off his hand slipped and it made a god awful tearing, ripping noise….ugh *shivers* it was so awful…..   Now he has no fingernail….

(sorry for the shitty video quality, i recorded it on my phone)


5 thoughts on “Oh JEEZUS! Ohhhhhh god….

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