Among adulthood, I found a phobia


     It’s weird. There wasn’t a lot of things that I was afraid of growing up. And asteroid impact wasn’t one of them until maybe I was about 23 or 24 years old. It began with dreams. Incredibly vivid reoccurring dreams of me sitting in the middle of a old outdoor basket ball court. Sitting with numerous other people watching this star fall…..  But it wasn’t like any falling star that I ever saw before. This one fell slow….long….and it was HUGE. The trail of fire it left could be seen for miles. It was the only source of light in the inky sky.  No one around me moves….we all just stare at it fall…….it seems like years. I never see it hit. I always wake up before it hits.

I ALWAYS have this dream. I’m always in this basketball court. And I am Always with everyone else. The mood is melancholy. But it seems like I am the ONLY one who feels a sense of panic about what is going to happen. People in the distance are BBQ-ing and I can smell the smoke of the charcoal in the pit. The basketball court is old because while the “star” falls I pull more and more of the grass growing through the cracks out. Behind me I can hear people praying to their gods, and crying. Telling their children how much they love them and to not be afraid.

But in the dream I am the ONLY one who seems to be afraid. The only one who feels panic. Everyone else seems to have accepted this fate that is staring them in the face. Where as i haven’t.  My heart is a terrible beating mess when I wake up.

Ive had this dream for the past 3 nights….


One thought on “Among adulthood, I found a phobia

  1. no wonder you can’t sleep. but i do know there is something else you are afraid of? storms. have you been watching meteorite shows or something cause once you get that in your head you take it to bed with you and dream about it. don’t worry, they will stop, love you

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